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I have extensive experience working with a range of ages from age 18 to older adults.  I primarily utilize a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to treatment.  This practical application to problem-solving has proven highly effective when dealing with a wide range of issues.  Some clients have seen me for help in dealing with life-long depression, anxiety disorders or bipolar disorders.  Some have had a history of relationship conflicts with others and/or excessive emotional reactions.

I have also worked with clients who are usually "okay" emotionally, but need some extra support and assistance as they go through a rough time dealing with a particular stressor in their lives.  Some of the more common issues I have dealt with include divorce, grief over a loss or death of a loved one, trauma over losing a physical functioning ability, the onset of health problems, the loss of a job, coping with an empty nest, transitioning from college to being an adult, and life changes such as retirement or the birth of a new child.

The following list, although not exhaustive, provides a general guide for those issues for which Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be extremely useful:

  1. ADHD
  2. Dual Diagnosis
  3. Adoption
  4. Emotional Disturbance
  5. Anger Management
  6. Family Conflict
  7. Anxiety
  8. Grief
  9. Assertiveness Skills Training
  10. Life Transitions
  11. Behavioral Issues
  12. Narcissistic Personality
  13. Bipolar Disorder
  14. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  15. Borderline Personality
  16. Oppositional Defiance
  1. Chronic Illness
  2. Parenting
  3. Chronic Impulsivity
  4. Peer Relationships
  5. Chronic Pain
  6. Relationship Difficulties
  7. Codependency
  8. School Issues
  9. Communication Skills
  10. Sports Performance
  11. Coping Skills
  12. Stress Management
  13. Depression
  14. Weight Loss
  15. Divorce
  16. Women's Issues